Retired Head Of FBI Ted Gunderson Tells All – Illuminati, Satanism, Pedophilia

Upon The Face Of The Waters

tedParaphrased from a speech by the late Ted Gunderson:

Lets go back to 1776 may 1st,  Adam Weishaupt was commission by the Rothschild family to set up the goals to control and take over the world, with a one world government.
adamWeishaupt came up with 25 goals. Among them were: control the press, corrupt the youth, through sex and drugs, elect our own people (the Illuminati) to key positions in all level of government, city, state and federal. The final goal was take over the world. Information is very well documented by the book “Pawns In The Game.” When I retired I had no idea what was going on, the Illuminati, Adam Weishaupt… However my first major investigation when I returned from Puerto Rico was a debt to Dr. Jeffery Macdonald who was convicted of murdering his wife and two children in Fort Bragg, Feb. 17 1970.


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The Justin Davis Files

The Justin Davis Files

The Justin Davis Files can be downloaded below

Its a PDF file so safe for your computer- and opens in a new window, you can check the file before downloading….

Mega has now deleted the copy of The Justin Davis Files – by court order they claim. The full pdf is now posted below- click to download (55 pages, pdf doc- cannot harm your PC)

The JD Files PDF Download

Justin Davis’ testimony details highly specific allegations of child abuse rings operating in the top rungs of New Zealand society & Crown government – apparently with the protection of the NZ police and judiciary. he also appears to solve many of the unsolved murder mysteries of the past 20 odd years in NZ – all of which relate directly to these powerful pedophile rings operating in New Zealand.

A sample of text from the Justin Davis Files:

Make no mistake…

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Exeter city Labour councillor at centre of child pornography probe


An Exeter Labour City councillor is under police investigation for child pornography offences.

Roger Spackman, 47, was arrested at a home address in Newtown for making pornographic photographs of children.

The Labour councillor had a 12-year career in Devon’s child protection services.

In 1998 he began working at Intervention Services for Devon County Council at a secure children’s home, occasionally working at other units. Before this, he was involved in the creation of Riverside Youth Café in Dawlish.

From September 2001 he worked full-time at a Secure Children’s Home until his role was axed in redundancies in February 2010.

Born in 1969, Spackman moved to Jamaica in 1972 before moving to Canada in 1974. After living in several Canadian towns and cities he returned to England in 1996.

Alongside being a Labour city councillor, in recent years he claims to offer ‘software support’ for a major UK retailer.

Between 2007…

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