By  Christopher EverardFollow

TOP COP IN LONDON TOLD TO ‘PROTECT’ SIR EDWARD HEATH and his fellow PEDO-SEX-CRIMINAL FRIENDS IN WESTMINSTER: The so called ‘MEAT RACK’ were the railings outside the Piccadilly branch of the WIMPY BURGER BAR where runaway boys hanged out. Around the corder, SIR EDWARD HEATH, Prime-minister, had a flat. My grandmother worked for him there and also at his Wiltshire house and way back in 1990 she told me that Heath had lured dozens of boys who were runaways from Care Homes back to that flat, had raped them, had then plied them with cash to visit the Scilly Isles on his boat MORNING CLOUD and then some were never seen again – more than likely dumped in the sea. But Edward Heath was NOT ALONE – he was not the only Westminster VIP buggering and raping Care Home boys. A retired London cop says ‘I remember we were called to a meeting [and] told by a senior officer that if we found any establishment figures involved, the investigation would be stopped.’ Names of MPs, celebrities and businessmen did surface during the inquiry – though Mr Groves, who retired in 2014, wasn’t privy to them – and 25 men were convicted. The operation was led by Met Commander Trevor Lloyd-Hughes, who died in 1986 amid claims of soliciting male prostitutes. The whistleblower is one of London’s most senior officers. Former Chief Inspector Howard Groves claims he was told to ignore VIPs during the so called MEAT RACK paedophile probe.

JUST LIKE THERESA MAY, Sir Edward Heath was yet another Tory Prime Minister with NO CHILDREN AND AN UNKNOWN PAST. During her term as Home Secretary, Theresa May made sure that 70,000+ British children were removed from their homes and placed in Care Homes or temporary accommodation. Most run away and there are no active police investigations to find these children. Sir Edward Heath was invited to Christmas Dinner at Downing Street with Jimmy Savile – they were both guests of honour of MARGARET THATCHER. Her confidant and ‘assistant’ eventually became a young man from Eton called DAVID CAMERON who is a cousin of Queen Elizabeth.


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