Workers report that nothing is alive now … no birds, no insects, nothing! … at recently 1080’d Wilkin River Vlly, Mt Aspiring Ntl Park

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

This is truly disturbing, especially on the heels of yesterday’s post and the revelations from the Taupo area where a hunter reports the same after SIXTY PLUS YEARS of 1080 treatment. The poison simply is not working, and worse it is decimating our native birds. Kea are nearing extinction (here also) and remember this post also about the 10K birds killed in one drop. When is this madness going to be looked at with independent eyes, independent research and an eye for alternatives. They are aerially treating areas that could be easily trapped while saying they only aerially treat inaccessible places.

Note: this post since published has had 14K shares on FB in one week (currently as at 12/11/19 it is 20K) … at which point the pro poisoners are responding with comments it is not true. The person who provided the info is 100% bonafide & reliable…

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Media pushing Aerosol Trails to Save the planet (while poisoning everything)


Natural Newsby Ethan Huff,  Sept 20, 2019

The media is now openly pushing aerosol trails as a necessary project to save the planet from climate change.  While globalists roll out “Greta” and other creeping-looking child monsters to terrorize the public with climate hysteria, they are using the fear to justify the mass pollution of the entire planet in the name of “environmentalism.”

Note that the very same mainstream media that mocked chemtrails as a “conspiracy theory” just two years ago is now demanding a global network of chemtrails to block the sun and cool the planet.

This is on top of calls by Bernie Sanders to reduce human population by expanding abortions in impoverished nations. In effect, globalists are now openly admitted their genocidal goals. The mass culling of humanity has arrived, and if you question it, you will be censored and de-platformed. The only voices allowed to speak…

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“No dead body will ever be tested for 1080 in NZ because any pathologist who did so would not have a job for long”… NZ MD speaks out

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

Police tested for about six poisons, none of them 1080, and then “had the effrontery” to tell him this was not a death by 1080 poison.

[Remember this is the 2006 story concerning the loss by a NZ laboratory of the heart of a young woman who was a suspected victim of 1080 poisoning while tramping in the South Island. His statement also explains the reticence of any laboratory that does test for 1080 in disclosing their identity. EWR.


By Carol Sawyer

Last year I met with retired Dunedin GP, Kevin Shannon, still fit and tall and travelling the world at the age of 87. Kevin (who gave a submission at the ERMA Review 2007, on the case of the death of a female tramper in the link below), is of the opinion that:

…some New Zealanders, no-one knows how many, will have died of heart attacks due to undetected…

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White Island and the new “NEMA”… NZ’s Civil Defence as we knew it closed Dec 1st!

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

If you only ever read the mainstream version of world events you will likely consign this to conspiracy but there are events unfolding in your country since those in March this year that are not what they seem. People will be aware now of course of the eruption two days ago at White Island in the Bay of Plenty. I lived there for five years & earth tremors in that region are frequent from the Island. The entire area is connected right down to Taupo volcanic wise. It is also a tourist spot with tours onto the island and recently there had been an increase in volcanic activity. Whatever were they thinking, taking tourists on there? Read further down some observations by Prof Nigel Gray who closely observes & records weather manipulation and earth events on his Youtube channel Imaginzation. He comments on the curious transformation of our Civil Defence…

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