The WHO PCR Test Coronavirus Primer Sequence is Found in All Human DNA Chromosome 8 – Amandha Vollmer

COVID RT-PCR Tests are for Chromosome 8 Human DNA – Amandha Vollmer

According to information on Chromosome 8, if it is depleted, we are likely to have severe brain impairment, be prone to cancer or have autoimmune diseases against ourselves amongst many other impairments.

It appears that the Covid-19 tests provide opportunity for the powers that be/elites to control us, access our DNA, to infect us, seek out RH blood type for the elite bloodlines, or insert nano particles (smart dust) into our bodies.

The tests may possibly be all that is required via smart dust insertion and migration to the brain to take control of the nervous system. This could possibly result in almost 100% control and enslavement of humans. Nano particulates are micro wifi computers. They are invisible to the human eye.

If vaccines are required to change people’s DNA and transhumanise them, even if people object, the Gates’s have the flying syringe GMO mosquitoes to fall back on to invade our human bodies. Not looking very good at all.

Dr. Kaufman – Chromosome 8 and the SARS-COV2 PCR test

Dr Rima Laibow, Forced Vaccines and your Natural Rights, The Vinny Eastwood Show

Dr Rima Explains to Vinny Eastwood the Uselessness of wearing masks and faulty tests amongst other things.

Gates’s Flying Syringes.

Drone Robot Mosquitoes. Could this be a sign that technology has gone too far and it’s time to take a step back?

What you need to know about TARGETED INDIVIDUALS, RH Blood FACTOR and the blood of the ELITES.

Weekly CDC Covid-19 Statistics.

As it happens the CDC stats on Covid19 have been grossly exaggerated. So why would this happen and why aren’t we being told the truth about what’s really going on? The powers that be remain tight-lipped.

US Biowarfare Budgeting. Infected Mosquitoes to kill a city of 625,000 at cost of 29c per death.


An impressive speech by Robert F Kennedy Jnr to a crowd of a million people in Berlin about elite corruption.

On a lighter note …

Plandemic 11 Indoctornation (Full Movie)

Dr Judy Mikovits is supported by many of the world’s top doctors including a nobel laureate. Fauci and Gates are exposed. People deserve the right to look at all sides of a story and decide for themselves.



Dr Judy Mikovits Book “Plague Of Corruption” is Instantly the Best Seller on Amazon upon release. Free E-Book Download available here …

Don’t want to be Vaccinated? Not a problem for the powers that be and their Flying Syringes..

Drone/Robot Mosquitoes

US Biowarfare Budgeting. Infected Mosquitos can kill a city of 625,000 at cost of 29c per death –


Facebook Fact-checkers Bought and Paid For By Gates Foundation? – Ben Swann

Davos 2021: “The Great Reset”

The Oklahoma City Bombing CIA Black Op.

The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building building in Oklahoma City was blown up from the inside outwards on April 19, 1985. Bombs were planted inside the building and they didn’t all go off. Timothy McVeigh parked his truck with ammonium nitrate fertiliser and oil in it alongside the building. He got out at the same time the bombs were set to go off, so as to make it look like the truck caused the damage. 168 people were reported killed including 19 children from a nursery inside the building. Over 800 people were reported to be injured. The media reported that law enforcement were looking for 2 Muslims suspects. McVeigh forgot to put the licence plate back on his car when he left and was pulled up by law enforcement. Consequently he was made Patsy. A law enforcement officer who looked inside the building afterwards when nobody was supposed to go there, found something he shouldn’t have and went to report it. He didn’t come home and was later found dead in a paddock.. The bombing occurred after the David Koresh WACO incident and the AGENDA was to give law enforcement the right to enter the premises of suspected terrorists without a warrant. The sacrificial lambs in these events are justified as being the smaller price to pay than the expected overall demise of the collective. This is debatable. I do not believe the end justifies the means when innocent civilians are killed, especially children. This is government sponsored terrorism. It stirs up hatred and keeps people divided. Here are some testimonies from witnesses on the day of the bombing. The official BS narrative looks like it has a crisis actor from another event in it. This is all too common in these types of events. Can you spot the actor?

For fullscreen click the following link to access fullscreen –

PODCAST Cody Snodgres, former black ops contractor, discusses the Oklahoma Bombing and the CIA Black Ops system. – Sage of Quay Radio.

CNN MSM Fast Facts Oklahoma City Bombing….


Fake vs. Hoax…YOU decide!

The Beirut Attack. Beirut Explosion with Negative Filtering Shows Missile. Would a DEW Laser attack look similar?

Beirut Lebanon Massive Explosions Compression Wave & Combustion Cloud

Time for Trumpers to come out of denial. Remember he partnered with Gates Gavi and gave them $1.8B of your tax money on July 11 after giving $8.3B of your tax to Fauci’s Mob on March 6.

How many times does the taxpayer pay for medication and snake oil before they finally get it?

Trump signs $8.3B to Fauci’s mob.

Funny how Trump is invested in many of the same companies as the Rockefellers. Please Wake up. All the rotten eggs float to the top.

What’s really going on with Covid19 – James Corbett with Spiro Skouras

Biosecurity Theatre for illusion of feeling safe and protected. Covid19 – CorbettReport