Trump appears to have gone to hospital to promote stocks of his failing drug remdesivir plus others including a steroid. WHO helps to push them.

Trump credits Big Pharma for “miraculous” recovery, completely neglects to mention zinc and vitamin D he was taking.

Trump also promoting Dexamethasone steroid.

Side effects of Dexamethasone – The Cut

Trump Partners with Gates And GAVI to Fund And Distribute Vaccines – The Great Poisoning!

Some of Trump’s Drug Stocks since 2014.

Time for Trumpers to come out of denial. Remember he partnered with Gates Gavi and gave them $1.8B of your tax money on July 11 after giving $8.3B of your tax to Fauci’s Mob on March 6.

Trump goes back to Whitehouse – Associated Press

Doctors discuss Remedesivir filling patients lungs with water, shutting down kidneys and killing them.

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