Company Plans Mass Rollout of Humanoid Robots to Replace Workers in Healthcare, Education.

Video of Boris Johnson speaking at the UN about the oncoming enslavement and control of humanity.

Doctor Silenced Over Successful Treatment For COVID-19 By Using Nutritional And Oxidative Therapies

Dr Lee Merrit Interview on CV19 scam – Peter Humphrey

Dr Lee Merrit Interview

The New Normal Documentary –

Patents for Remote Control of peoples’ brainwaves – Roy Eacups

Get the Jab and you’re all set to do whatever they want. This technology has been around for a long time thanks to all the unwitting guinea pigs that ended up in psyche units or topping themselves. It was also tested on soldiers in the battlefields. The voice of “Allah” was put into the muslim fighters heads which made them stop and go down on their knees before being shot. CIA

Research on excess CV19 related Mortality brings to question whether CV19 treatments and improper patient care are causing deaths – Dr Sam Bailey

23 People die in Norway after getting CV19 Vaccinations. 13 were from Nursing homes – Jbossman008

Mask Wearers Identifiable by Eye Recognition – Activist Post