New York Courts order hospitals to use COVID cure Ivermectin against FDA’s misleading advice

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

Note: Facebook just banned me for 24 hrs (EWR) for sharing this post there.

THE battle against the suppression of ivermectin, probably the most effective treatment for “SARS-Cov-2” (or any variant of corona virus), has stepped up in New York state with at least three families winning court actions to force hospitals to administer the drug to loved ones suffering infections. The recoveries have been remarkable.

The court actions fly in the face of the Biden administration’s Federal Drug Administration, which has issued a blatantly dishonest statement that ivermectin “can be very dangerous”. Oh sure, if you take a livestock-level dose of ivermectin, squirt it on your back like a bull, and you could die. But the drug has been given to humans for 33 years in billions of doses and was awarded a Nobel Prize for annihilating parasitic illness.

Big tech companies Facebook and YouTube and…

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10 thoughts on “New York Courts order hospitals to use COVID cure Ivermectin against FDA’s misleading advice

    1. Facebook is squelching my speech, denying me the right to post. Its run on algorithms, super computer AI and intelligence and all of Facebook Twitter Youtube was stolen by the US Government, one of three components of the new world order (actually ancient).

      All of them are guilty of mass murder, hence the reasons for mass surveillance, and massive U.S. robbery on levels that are unreal (almost 100 trillion). Almost everyone in the states has been cellphone taken-over. We we’re sprayed 400 times more, chemtrail-wise, than anywhere else in the world.

      Our biggest problem is that most of the population was already nano poisoned via chemtrails and prior vaccines, citing a military paper leak on nano quelling the population, with 800 Fema camps awaiting in the background. Most will never see it coming. They didn’t see the chemtrail spraying overhead nor understand they’d been dumbed down, long prior. 5G Celltowers have engulfed the country.

      No one can think straight: 911 inside job, chemtrail spraying overhead, Bush Jr a psycho-trainwreck, cellphones an endangerment to their literal health, people targeted for activism, money, politics and randomly, Stasi-like thrown into mental wards to silence empowered people they fear. And what does the American people do, they sit at home in front of the tube listening to Bill Gates, a psychopath, with no medical experience, and Fauci and their paid ilk, who’ve not only made an extremely healthy and wealthy living on every American’s back, Fauci has made his living and his wife, experimenting and killing off the public while those they work for, the real perpetrators, are safely down in the DUMBS, that American’s paid for.

      McFidden: Robbed of at least a trillion dollars. They invented social media and was robbed of it (Facebook etc):

      Douglas and Tyla explain that we are in the process of global genocide. The extermination of humanity is the goal of the globalists

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