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Life Near Fracking Wells – One American Community’s Struggle – by B.N. Frank via Activist Post.

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JUNE 15, 2021

Editorial: my story of potential exposure to spike proteins via shedding from “vaccinated” people, and the potential suramin, shikimic acid, pine needle tea cure and prophylaxis (The Covid Blog)

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WEST DES MOINES, IOWA — One of the most-read articles on this site is about Pfizer admitting that non-vaccinated people can be contaminated (exposed) to experimental mRNA and its spike proteins simply by being near someone who’s recently been injected.

This new species of vaxxed, GMO human is shedding the spike proteins and infecting others with their contaminated genes. At least that is what many good, reputable, non-compromised doctors believe is happening. In fact the inventor of mRNA injectable technology, Luigi Warren, tweeted that shedding does in fact happen. But Twitter made him delete his tweet because he was “spreading disinformation.” Let that sink in…

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