Who is the Patsy arrested as Derek Chauvin? Why are there three different pics of him? Where is his Official Mugshot with ID? Does he even exist?

Why didn’t the Ambulance Drivers take George Floyd’s pulse at the scene before putting him in the ambulance?

Video of Cop Derek Chauvin kneeling on George Floyd’s Knee. Watch Video at 7.45 to see Ambulance arrive to get Mr Floyd. I see they removed the Original video I put here from the net and hope that someone has a copy. However, it still risks being deleted before it uploads. This is a replacement video which is slightly different at the time the ambulance arrived. In the original video the lady in the background clearly yelled out “You haven’t even taken his pulse!”, and it did not show the ambulance guy taking his pulse like in another newer version. So there you have it. Multiple versions of the same scene, and when they delete the originals off the net, you haven’t got a hope in Hell in exposing these BS artists. And didn’t Mr Floyd stop breathing? Shouldn’t he have been given CPR on the spot?