New Zealand’s Historic Child Abuse Claims – A Voice for Claimants

Name Suppression New Zealand

Numerous Government agencies and employees have been notified about the Justin Davis Files but they have all refused to even investigate….

So this is a public safety announcement….to help keep the public and their families safe until such time as there is a full investigation….or the tables are turned perhaps better put….


Full transcript of the allegations of the Government and Judiciary run pedofile ring operating in New Zealand- as told by facebook whistle blower Justin Davis …Please save and send to your friends and family – as these monsters have been promoted into jobs as MP’s, Judges, teachers, doctors etc. Protect your kids by being informed……we cannot confirm any of these allegations, but they have been made, and we are simply sharing them to help protect Kiwis and their kids

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I suspect my email is hacked , same as my phone. Been fighting with police since…

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