IVERMECTIN can neutralize DARPA’s Deadly Hydrogel 5G Interface of Nano Antennas. Also Nano particles found inside swabs – Dr Peter Moloney Foundation

No wonder Ivermectin is banned from being mentioned on FACEBOOK as a cure for CV19.

The Nightingale Files Blood shown on screen before and after Covert shot by Toxicologist Armin Koroknay  …

Dr Charles Hoffe describes what the shots do to your capillaries and heart and why having more shots will make you die sooner. He says that 62% of people will have right sided heart damage from the shots. A D-Dimer test is required to detect the tiny clots. (See below)

The Nightingale FilesThe D-Dimer Test https://labtestsonline.org/tests/d-dimer