IVERMECTIN can neutralize DARPA’s Deadly Hydrogel 5G Interface of Nano Antennas. Also Nano particles found inside swabs – Dr Peter Moloney Foundation

No wonder Ivermectin is banned from being mentioned on FACEBOOK as a cure for CV19.

The Nightingale Files Blood shown on screen before and after Covert shot by Toxicologist Armin Koroknay  …

Dr Charles Hoffe describes what the shots do to your capillaries and heart and why having more shots will make you die sooner. He says that 62% of people will have right sided heart damage from the shots. A D-Dimer test is required to detect the tiny clots. (See below)

The Nightingale FilesThe D-Dimer Test https://labtestsonline.org/tests/d-dimer

Kary Mullis inventor of PCR test interviewed by Gary Null about Science and accepted BS Science.

Strange how Kary Mullis and Tanzanian President John Magufuli are dead after speaking out against viruses.

January 2020 Studies showed Elite Blood types Rh-Negative and O have far greater immunity from CV19 – Estie Mermelstein, MSN, FNP-BC


Research on excess CV19 related Mortality brings to question whether CV19 treatments and improper patient care are causing deaths – Dr Sam Bailey

23 People die in Norway after getting CV19 Vaccinations. 13 were from Nursing homes – Jbossman008