Scales beginning to tip in some countries. How long will it take for the rest to wake up?

Aussies now looking at Ivermectin.

Pfizer’s Record of injury and death leaves one wondering how on earth they got immunity from prosecution.

DNA changing Vaccines and the plan to Vaccinate the entire World – Dr Christine Northrup via NWO Archive

Are You Aware? 5 minute Fact Filled Presentation to Toronto Board of Health about VACCINES that everyone needs to hear by Joel Sussmann

It appears that the CDC likes to avoid publishing studies that show the dangers of Vaccines.

Dr. Carrie Madej Trafalgar Square London Short Speech 09-19-2020 Genetic Modification and Luciferase.

Another example of a Study that the CDC didn’t Publish obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. It compares the risks of those vaccinated for Hep B Virus versus those unvaccinated.

Children’s Health Defence – File of Vaccine Studies – Corvelva

Dr Peter Gøtzsche exposes big pharma as organized crime

History & Development of Vaccines using aborted Fetal cells and Animal cells.

Human Cell Strains in Vaccine Development – College of Physicians of Philadelphia

VIDEO: Stanley Plotkin
Pioneering the use of fetal cells to make rubella vaccine.


Issues Regarding DNA Altering Vaccines – Dr. Carrie Madej

A Wakeup Call to the World -Luciferase Dr. Carrie Madej

Gates’s “Luciferase”. Why that Name? Why were the Gates’s going into business with Marina Abramovic until Ms Abramovic was called out to be a witch spirit cooker by Pedogaters?

Microsoft Hides Video Featuring ‘Spirit Cooking’ Guru Marina Abramovic – National File

Plandemic 11 Indoctornation (Full Movie)

Dr Judy Mikovits is supported by many of the world’s top doctors including a nobel laureate. Fauci and Gates are exposed. People deserve the right to look at all sides of a story and decide for themselves.



Dr Judy Mikovits Book “Plague Of Corruption” is Instantly the Best Seller on Amazon upon release. Free E-Book Download available here …

Don’t want to be Vaccinated? Not a problem for the powers that be and their Flying Syringes..

Drone/Robot Mosquitoes

US Biowarfare Budgeting. Infected Mosquitos can kill a city of 625,000 at cost of 29c per death –


Facebook Fact-checkers Bought and Paid For By Gates Foundation? – Ben Swann

Davos 2021: “The Great Reset”

President of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo Exposes Covid-19 Plandemic Plan of Action in detail. #Lockstep #OperationLockstep

I cannot verify souce of this video. You decide. I have added links below to the the Rockefeller Operation Lockstep plan.

Link to Rockefellers PDF Document….

National Security Study Memorandum
NSSM 200 Pdf.

Other Docs on Rockefeller Plandemic Operation Lockstep…

June 23. More on fact-checking the fact checkers, Bill Gates and vaccines that have significantly caused paralysis and possibly infertility – The Corbett Report.

Exposing Bill Gates

Gates & Military Funded Mosquito Vaccine Delivery + Gates Backed Company To Release GM Mosquitoes – Spiro

There’s an Actual Playbook for Everything Happening Right Now and the US Wrote It.