Maxwell reported for short time by BBC Mistake in advance to have Covid-19. Was this a slip up that failed a plan?

Following the BBC report in advance dated July 11 that Maxwell has the covid-19 we also have news which techniquely should have been posted first. IMO she will exit via covid-19 or whatever else with the love of her life Epstein and go away together to some Island Paradise or Israel with their new makovers and live happilly ever after. Then business as usual. Nothing changed.

Ghislaine Maxwell has Tested Positive For COVID-19 in New Hampshire Jail DOJ Reports – Brown Valley Observer …

BBC News Item Dated July 11 but mistakenly entered and removed on 4 July 2020?

Documentary. Tracking Down the Origin of the Coronavirus 8 April 2020

Keep in Mind that nothing is 100% Gospel. If this virus was unleashed as e.g. part of Agenda 21/30 depopulation programme, do you think that any country or body would admit to it? The best you will ever get is that the virus spread from a lab by accident. Fighting over whether it was China or US to blame will get you nowhere except maybe closer to WW3. When Wuhan took the $3.7 million from US to do “research”on the killer virus, both countries were involved, maybe more. We are all being played.

TERROR ATTACKS Ole Dammegard 5/12/2019 Ole Dammegard Oct 23-24 2019. Major FFs will take place simultaneously at 39 Targets in 5 EU countries. Cities – Paris, London, Manchester, Barcelona and Rotterdam plus a Nuclear event unless exposed.

UPDATE 5/12/2019 ……..