The Maxwell Family Business: Espionage – Investigative Series – Whitney Webb UH

Chart From Dr Robert W Malone comparing the use of Ivermectin in some countries vs the Covert19 jabs

Hardly a “coincidence”. This leaves one wondering why has Ivermectin been discouraged, or even banned in some countries. This has left people with no option but to get the horse cow or sheep treatment versions. Dr Judy Mikovits said that Ivermectin can also be useful in treating cancers. Its not really so hard for a person with average intelligence to work out what appears to be going on here. Remember IVM blocks tracking/tracing and controlling via the wifi/internet. It also expels worms/parasites and bots from the body. There was much doubt about the authenticity of covid stats before the jab. A person killed in a car accident could have covid19 marked on their death certificate. It appears the early numbers were either faked or flu cases, but when the jab came along the number of deaths went sky high.

Molecular Biologist Whistleblower Dr Judy Mikovits describes the corrupt vaccine industry and how cancer, leukaemia, and other diseases are deliberately injected into people.

Molecular Biologist/scientist Dr Judy Mikovits exposes the corrupt virus/vaccine industry and says that cancer, leukaemia, polio, multiple sclerosis and other diseases have deliberately been injected into people through animal contaminants. The good news is Ivermectin. The challenge is to stop the ban on Ivermectin. Video 12 mins, A must watch before getting a shot or a second or third shot.

Scales beginning to tip in some countries. How long will it take for the rest to wake up?

Aussies now looking at Ivermectin.

Pfizer’s Record of injury and death leaves one wondering how on earth they got immunity from prosecution.

Free Book – Dr Judy Mikovits, Kent Heckenlively – A Plague of Corruption. Hit addy below pic.

Something isn’t adding up about the Corona Virus in the News.

Citizen investigaters have been checking out many hospitals only to find they are empty which has given rise to suspicion that the Corona Virus Crisis may be a scam. One reason for this emptiness could be because of the elective surgery cancellations to make way for the corona virus patients. Another reason could be because nursing staff are coming from different departments and being retrained to work with the virus patients and using the intensive care equipment. Understandably no one is to be seen hanging around in hospital waiting rooms and risk catching the virus. However, allegations that intensive care units are also empty warrants further investigation. At present Cuomo in NY is complaining that New York is only getting $12,000 per case while Washington is getting $30,000 per case. Also tests have been reported to cost $5000 each. It appears that a substantial amount of money is changing hands which leaves me wondering if another FM scam could be on the go. Are the patients being taken directly to the morgue, maybe even the grave?
Hospitals checked and found empty.

UPDATE 27 April 2020 Birmingham’s NHS Nightingale hospital has yet to treat any patients 10 days after opening.

More checks finding Ghost Hospitals. No one should be made to feel bad about questioning everything, especially where their tax money goes.

“Corona Virus” Rap song by Tom MacDonald

Linkin Park’s incredibly insightful songs playlist. RIP Chester Bennington.

GLOBAL FINANCIAL CORRUPTION & COLLUSION – Claims of MASSIVE (billions) international fraud by U.K. establishment

Gordon Bowden delivered a speech to the International Tribunal for Natural Justice where he exposed that senior MPS including Ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair are involved.