Pedo-Rapist Christian Brueckner New Suspect in Madeleine McCann case. Killer or Convenient Patsy?

It’s difficult to know what information can be trusted in media. Zionist controlled MSM is biased. The verbal diarrhea from pro-Israel Donald Trump changes back and forth like a yoyo. The internet constantly gets flooded with misinformation to conceal true narratives and confuse people. This can come from corrupt zionists, controlled oppositions, IDF trolls, Old Boys Networks, or people just doing it for kicks or attention.

Many people believe that Madeleine McCann’s parents were responsible for her death, either deliberate or accidental because of too many holes in their story. As yet this new story doesn’t bring a sigh of relief. There are already 3 pictures of the suspect which leaves an opening for a number of Patsys to be injected into the narrative to close the case. A similar situation is happening in the current George Floyd murder case.

We have at least 2 setsof different eyes here, maybe 3.

UK Metro Article re MM case

Daily Mail Article re MM case via pressreader.

Madeleine McCann suspect ‘threw adoptive parents’ kindness back in their faces’ – Mirror

The 3rd person appears to be a blend of the 1st and second person. Eyes and ears appear different to middle person straight nose and dimple on chin.