Chart From Dr Robert W Malone comparing the use of Ivermectin in some countries vs the Covert19 jabs

Hardly a “coincidence”. This leaves one wondering why has Ivermectin been discouraged, or even banned in some countries. This has left people with no option but to get the horse cow or sheep treatment versions. Dr Judy Mikovits said that Ivermectin can also be useful in treating cancers. Its not really so hard for a person with average intelligence to work out what appears to be going on here. Remember IVM blocks tracking/tracing and controlling via the wifi/internet. It also expels worms/parasites and bots from the body. There was much doubt about the authenticity of covid stats before the jab. A person killed in a car accident could have covid19 marked on their death certificate. It appears the early numbers were either faked or flu cases, but when the jab came along the number of deaths went sky high.

Molecular Biologist Whistleblower Dr Judy Mikovits describes the corrupt vaccine industry and how cancer, leukaemia, and other diseases are deliberately injected into people.

Molecular Biologist/scientist Dr Judy Mikovits exposes the corrupt virus/vaccine industry and says that cancer, leukaemia, polio, multiple sclerosis and other diseases have deliberately been injected into people through animal contaminants. The good news is Ivermectin. The challenge is to stop the ban on Ivermectin. Video 12 mins, A must watch before getting a shot or a second or third shot.

Dr Lee Merrit Interview on CV19 scam – Peter Humphrey

Dr Lee Merrit Interview

The New Normal Documentary –

Great Barrington Declaration sponsored by the “American Institute for Economic Research” – via @docrussjackson

Plandemic Foreknowledge. Predictive Programming?The EU published Comic titled “Infected”and how the EU Stopped The Pandemic — Propaganda Watch

EUJames CorbettPropaganda

OCTOBER 21, 2020

Download site for Comic “Infection”

DNA changing Vaccines and the plan to Vaccinate the entire World – Dr Christine Northrup via NWO Archive

Australian police can kidnap people for medical reasons and remove any clothing to forcefully administer vaccines – Natural News

What a circus this whole covid19 situation has become! We are yet to see any credible proof of it’s existence. Could Covid 19 merely be the name of last year’s flu? Certainly the flu numbers have dropped since Covid19. Governments wan’t to force people into having vaccines yet to be proven successful. Do they really care what vaccination they give us? Could this be because they have some other GMO goodies they wan’t to put into the mix that will turn us into obedient slaves?

MEDICAL TYRANNY: City of Houston to dispatch COVID medical experimentation teams to homes of “randomly selected” residents to DRAW BLOOD for a government pandemic experiment – Natural News

Hmm. This sort of news makes me wonder if the NWO Nazis have already taken over and whether elections have become a thing of the past. Are they looking for valuable Rh Negative blood to cull for the elites? This is sickening.

Rockefeller Foundation Paper 2010 – How a Pandemic Can be Used to Establish Global Authoritarian Power. Scenario 4 Lockstep.

LOCKSTEP 2010 was a Blueprint for 2020. The Millenium Report

Operation Lockstep – Rockefeller’s Evil plan to Use a virus to infect and enslave us to bring forth the NWO.