Saudi Arabia bought 500 Merkava tanks from Israel with help from NATO member Spain

MENA Facts

Through a Spanish company, Riyad bought 500 Merkava tanks. This is the largest secret military contract in the history of Saudi Arabia and Israel.

These 500 tanks were bought by Spain and paid in cash by Mohammed Ben Salmane. The tanks will be delivered by the Spanish Navy over 6 months.

In the same way, this Spanish company will take charge of training Saudi soldiers in the use of these tanks.

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia intends to buy from Israel a thousand more to form an army equipped with 1500 Merkava tanks. The new transaction will also be settled in cash by Ben Salmane. 400 officers of Israel’s Armored Force should also be sent to Riyadh to teach 6,000 Saudi soldiers the use of Merkava tanks and other Made in Israel military gear.

The tanks in question, designed to withstand high heat and high temperatures, will be used…

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