President of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo Exposes Covid-19 Plandemic Plan of Action in detail. #Lockstep #OperationLockstep

I cannot verify souce of this video. You decide. I have added links below to the the Rockefeller Operation Lockstep plan.

Link to Rockefellers PDF Document….

National Security Study Memorandum
NSSM 200 Pdf.

Other Docs on Rockefeller Plandemic Operation Lockstep…

US backed Saudi Genocide of Children in Yemen. GRAPHIC

USA & UK take a look at what your Corporate whore Governments are doing to Kids in Yemen by selling weapons to terrorists (Saudis).  All this for oil Bloody Oil.


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a person wearing a helmet: Dozens were killed in a Saudi airstrike last August in northern Yemen.