Chart From Dr Robert W Malone comparing the use of Ivermectin in some countries vs the Covert19 jabs

Hardly a “coincidence”. This leaves one wondering why has Ivermectin been discouraged, or even banned in some countries. This has left people with no option but to get the horse cow or sheep treatment versions. Dr Judy Mikovits said that Ivermectin can also be useful in treating cancers. Its not really so hard for a person with average intelligence to work out what appears to be going on here. Remember IVM blocks tracking/tracing and controlling via the wifi/internet. It also expels worms/parasites and bots from the body. There was much doubt about the authenticity of covid stats before the jab. A person killed in a car accident could have covid19 marked on their death certificate. It appears the early numbers were either faked or flu cases, but when the jab came along the number of deaths went sky high.

Molecular Biologist Whistleblower Dr Judy Mikovits describes the corrupt vaccine industry and how cancer, leukaemia, and other diseases are deliberately injected into people.

Molecular Biologist/scientist Dr Judy Mikovits exposes the corrupt virus/vaccine industry and says that cancer, leukaemia, polio, multiple sclerosis and other diseases have deliberately been injected into people through animal contaminants. The good news is Ivermectin. The challenge is to stop the ban on Ivermectin. Video 12 mins, A must watch before getting a shot or a second or third shot.

Covid-19 news: Remdesivir has little effect on survival, finds WHO – NewScientist

HEALTH 16 October 2020

By Michael Le Page , Clare Wilson , Jessica Hamzelou , Adam Vaughan , Conrad Quilty-Harper and Layal Liverpool

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DNA changing Vaccines and the plan to Vaccinate the entire World – Dr Christine Northrup via NWO Archive

Trump appears to have gone to hospital to promote stocks of his failing drug remdesivir plus others including a steroid. WHO helps to push them.

Trump credits Big Pharma for “miraculous” recovery, completely neglects to mention zinc and vitamin D he was taking.

Trump also promoting Dexamethasone steroid.

Side effects of Dexamethasone – The Cut

Trump Partners with Gates And GAVI to Fund And Distribute Vaccines – The Great Poisoning!

Some of Trump’s Drug Stocks since 2014.

Time for Trumpers to come out of denial. Remember he partnered with Gates Gavi and gave them $1.8B of your tax money on July 11 after giving $8.3B of your tax to Fauci’s Mob on March 6.

Trump goes back to Whitehouse – Associated Press

Doctors discuss Remedesivir filling patients lungs with water, shutting down kidneys and killing them.

Are You Aware? 5 minute Fact Filled Presentation to Toronto Board of Health about VACCINES that everyone needs to hear by Joel Sussmann

It appears that the CDC likes to avoid publishing studies that show the dangers of Vaccines.

Dr. Carrie Madej Trafalgar Square London Short Speech 09-19-2020 Genetic Modification and Luciferase.

Another example of a Study that the CDC didn’t Publish obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. It compares the risks of those vaccinated for Hep B Virus versus those unvaccinated.

Children’s Health Defence – File of Vaccine Studies – Corvelva

Dr Peter Gøtzsche exposes big pharma as organized crime

Vaccines are Bioweapons that inject cancer, aborted human fetal tissue and monkey kidney cells into us – Rachel Celler Forensic nurse

Heated Vaccine Debate – Kennedy Jr. vs Dershowitz – Value Entertainment

Trump going into business with Gates’ Gavi. Trump shares – Big Pharma Big Oil Big Banks Big Poisons.

Donald Trump is leaving WHO in 12mths, and partnering with Gates’ Global Vaccine Programme and Gates’ are working with WHO anyway. So nothing much has changed really, except perhaps the cut in profits for investors. Both main political leaders are being sneaky and don’t want to clearly spell out what their policies will be with regard to vaccinations (manditory or not) before the elections because they don’t want to risk losing votes. So they dish out half truths to their brainwashed followers who don’t even ask because they assume it will go in their favour. Next to Bill Gates, politicians appear to be the biggest drug pushers on the planet both on and off the streets when taking Big Pharma, Afghanistan and the USA legalised cannabis into account. Even though there’s no guarantee of them honouring their promises, voters need to make Biden and Trump spell out clearly what their party policies are before the election. The Politicians need to be held accountable.

Trump gives $1.8B to Gates Gavi after already giving $8.3B toward COVID-19 on March 6.

Trump signs $8.3B to fund Covid-19 treatments, Labs & Supplies.

How many times do taxpayers and consumers have to pay for a drug before they finally get it? Often times it turns out to be a dud, and a waste of time and money. Buying stock after knowing it is a failing drug begs the question, why buy more? WHO complains about all stocks being bought out in advance by one buyer & prevents regular users from getting a repeat prescription. It also stops supply to people with other medical complaints that the drug works well for. This happened when the drug hydroxychloroquine, used in the treatment of malaria got bought out to treat Covid-19. Another problem was created because there was none left to treat malaria patients with.

The World Health Organisation is investigating the US buy-up of 3mth Global Supply of failing Covid-19 drug remdesivir. BBC News July 2 2020.

Leaked data on Gilead’s Remdesivir suggest drug didn’t help patients with COVID-19 – BIOPHARMA DIVE.

Some Trump shares 2014 onwards …



Covid-19 Vaccine Scams. Is Moderna and NIH Partnership Rotten to Core? Ben Swann

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