Was Wikileaks Julian Assange really living in the Ecuador embassy, or is he a zionist actor?

Does this Man in the following pictures and video look like Julian Assange?  He appears to have left the Ecuador Embassy after loading furniture into the Van on or about 22 July 2018….

 (Watch fullscreen at slowest speed at 6-10 secs)

Pictures Taken from above video at Ecuador Embassy London …..

Screenshot (3708)
Does this furniture remover at Ecuador Embassy look like of Julian Assange?


 (Watch fullscreen at slowest speed at 6-10 secs)

Pictures Taken from above video at Ecuador Embassy London …..

Screenshot (3708)
Does this furniture remover at Ecuador Embassy look like of Julian Assange?

screenshot-3678-e1557169751710.pngA black armband/ bracelet can be seen on his hand as he boards the van.

Screenshot (3673)\

Screenshot (3675)

Julian Assange wearing a similar black bracelet during his arrest in 2019


Wikileaks Exposed as a Zionist Cover Up Operation










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On 23rd May, the Rappler website published an article saying that the Philippines Anti-Money Laundering Council has published a report which covered 161,650 suspicious transaction reports (STR) of January 2013 to December 2017.  In terms of volume, majority of the inflows and outflows of all predicate crimes have been linked to the US.  In terms of peso amount, majority of incoming criminal proceeds were coursed through various banks in the UK, while large amounts of outgoing funds were sent mostly to Hong Kong.  he UK, US, and Oman were the countries that have the most number of transactions linked to drugs from 2013 to 2017; and the UAE, Oman, and the US were the countries with large amounts of inward remittance transactions during the same period.


The report is at –


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Samuel Untermyer´s speech, August 7, 1933


The New York Times, Monday, August 7, 1933

Text of Untermyer’s Address

   Following is the text of Samuel Untermyer’s address last night over Station WABC after his return from Europe:

My Friends:

    What a joy and relief and sense of security to be once more on American soil!  The nightmares of horrors through which I have passed in those two weeks in Europe, listening to the heartbreaking tales of refugee victims, beggar description.

     I deeply appreciate your enthusiastic greeting on my arrival today, which I quite understand is addressed not to me personally but to the holy war in the cause of humanity in which we are embarked.  Jews and non-Jews alike, for we are equally concerned that the work of centuries shall not be undone, and that civilization shall not be allowed to die.

     It is a war that must…

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Zionist UAE False Flag Fails, Trump’s Trade War was A Dud

Covert Geopolitics

The United Arab Emirates has been the subject of another Zionist false flag operation, wherein its oil tankers and depot exploded in flames with a strong possibility that it could have been blamed on Iran, because the Deep State has to offset its loses in Venezuela and its trade war with China.

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The DoC contractor who ADMITTED to dumping 75kg of 1080 poison into a Stewart Island swamp was let off with ZERO consequences

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

By Carol Sawyer

On Feb 21, 2019, I wrote:

No surprises here – they can hardly prosecute someone for dumping 1080 when they sign off on the dumping of 1080 themselves !

‘Environment Southland director for policy, planning and regulatory services Vin Smith said Environment Southland completed its review of the DOC investigation in November (2019).

“After seeking legal advice, we’ve decided not to take this further as it was indicated the evidence would be insufficient to lead to a successful prosecution.” ‘ Stuff, 27 January, 2019.

See link here :


WHAT DO THEY MEAN – INSUFFICIENT EVIDENCE ?! The contractor, Tony Leith, admitted it!

On July 14, 2018, I wrote :


DoC’s acting deputy director-general for operations, Reg Kemper says, of contractor Tony Leith’s dumping of 3 x 25 kg bags of 1080 in a swampy area of forest on Stewart Island :


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Freemason Spell Wearing Off

Left Hook by Dean Henderson

Not content with their Saudi-funded, Israeli-engineered DARPA/Silicon Valley Internet/social media psyop in their cross-Atlantic appendage, the silent British Empire which rules the planet via financial manipulation is now openly cooking up its own home-grown version of mass mind control in a last-ditch attempt to salvage their Freemasonic magic spell over humanity.

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Connecting The Dots: Israel’s Role In The NWO

OIA request reveals 89 Dead Kiwi in 1080 treated Tongariro Forest – and not one was tested by DOC for 1080 poisoning – Press Release from Graf Brothers

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

Photo credit: Google images/infonews

Following the recent shocking news about 1080 drops into the streams that flow into Lake Taupo, this info from an OIA request is very interesting.  Now would you not, with that many precious and rare native birds, be testing as to HOW they died? You surely would not just presume, pests? And would you not actually TEST for poison, any poison?

Not long ago we posted an article on DOC’s failure to show one endangered species in recovery, in spite of $3.5 BILLION being spent! That’s a large sum of money to just shrug your shoulders at. There needs to be some accountability. People are asking questions and rightly so.

These Kiwis were only the tagged ones too, so the numbers may well be just the tip of the iceberg!

An important note to the few who think this article is emotive and inflammatory … PLEASE READ…

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Could this Healthy 23 Year Old’s Cardiac Arrest Have Been Caused by Exposure to 1080? … We Will Never Know Because Incredibly, the NZ Lab Lost Her Heart!

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

This story is from 2006, a shocking story in more ways than one. Shocking and sad for the family of this young woman, Whitney Robie, who was only 23. She had been hiking in the South Island, felt unwell, and after retiring to bed, died in her sleep of a sudden cardiac arrest it was later ascertained. Now they are left with few answers and no real closure regarding the why of her death. The Doctor she saw that day was concerned she had possibly been exposed to 1080 on her hike. Read on.


She had come here to our ‘clean green’ paradise to live. Sadly she died here.

(NZ is not clean and green people, it is severely polluted and toxic now … and worse, our authorities lie about that).

Sudden accidental deaths (SADs) do happen however this story has some anomalies which could have but have not been solved due…

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